Hi #WCBrides! We hope you are as excited as us for this upcoming launch! We have been working very hard post-CNY till now, to bring you a brand new series of awesome gowns! As per our usual routine, we will be giving our #WCBrides the priority to view the new collection via our VIP Week, which will run from 13 May Thursday to 20 May Thursday! Fret not if you are not able to make it for VIP Week, you can still definitely come down after the launch to view the pieces!

The highlight of this collection? Gorgeous illusion back and train details! From our past launches and from chatting with you guys, we noticed that the gowns with intricate illusion back detailing were really popular! Hence we decided to focus on lace back details for this launch! As usual, there is a mix of tulle, lace and glitter fabrics, complete with hand-dead details, dainty floral laces and pretty trains!


As per our postponement policy (https://weddingcrafters.com.sg/covid-19), which you would have received earlier in the year when you updated us about the postponement, there is 1 more complimentary gown selection round (after the original final gown selection date). This is to help manage the volume of brides and gown bookings for 2021 as the postponements from this year have resulted in a large volume of brides next year.

Brides whose NEW WEDDING DATE is between 26 JUNE - 14 OCT 2021

For brides who fall into this group, your final gown selection appointment will be between 13 May to 14 Aug 2021. After this May launch, the next launch will be in Sept 2021 - eligible for brides whose wedding is from 15 Oct 2021 onwards.

Hence if you fall into this group, this is the last new launch that is in time for your date :) you can take the chance to try out the new collection to see if you want to retain your current gown choice, or change your booking to another piece. If you are not able to make it down for the VIP Launch week, you can still swing by anytime 2 months before your wedding date to try the new gowns and finalise your gown selection.

Brides whose NEW WEDDING DATE is between 15 OCT - 31 DEC 2021

For brides who fall into this group, please take note that your final gown selection appointment is 2 months before your wedding date. As per the postponement policy, you have 1 complimentary gown selection round, which you can choose to use it for this May launch, or if you prefer, you can keep your complimentary appointment for the collection in Sept 2021 so as to maximise your choice pool when you come for final selection.

Brides who have postponed their wedding but HAVE NOT CONFIRMED A NEW WEDDING DATE YET

For brides who fall into this group, we recommend holding off until your wedding date is confirmed before deciding whether to use your 1 complimentary gown selection round at this launch. Without a confirmed new wedding date, we will not be able to check availability / do soft booking of the gowns.

Safety Measures:

In line with the Covid-19 safety regulations, kindly take note of the following measures when coming for your appointments:

1. Each bride is allowed to bring a max of 3 other guests for the appointment. Please do adhere to this as we will have to turn away additional guests in order to keep the number of people in the studio to a minimum.

2. Temperature screening will be conducted for all guests entering the studio. If you or any of your guests are unwell, please reschedule your appointment. Guests with temperatures above 37.5 will strictly not be allowed in studio.

3. We request for all guests in studio to continue wearing their masks. Brides may remove their masks during photo taking.

Sanitizers will be placed at the entry as well as at the fitting areas for your usage :)


Each bride is limited to 1 VIP slot booking only. If multiple bookings are received, all bookings will be voided and released back into the system. If you need to reschedule / cancel the appointment, you can do so via the confirmation email sent from the initial booking.

Please note that these VIP Slots are strictly for existing #WCbrides only. Brides who have not signed with WC may view the new collection from from 21st May, Friday, 2021 onwards. Please refrain from sharing the VIP booking link to prevent abuse. Slots are limited so do book in advance. :)

If you are unable to secure a slot, fret not! The collection is still available for trying after the VIP Week, just book the next available appointment slot through our usual booking system on our website.


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