3 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For Your Wedding Gown

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For Your Wedding Gown

Bringing an Entourage

Yes we all love shopping with our sisters and girlfriends, but when it comes to finding The Gown, bringing a large entourage can spell disaster. The larger the group, the more opinions you will get – this can sometimes be frustrating and will make it even more difficult to narrow down your choices. Bring along a friend or 2 at most – preferably your closest girlfriend who understands your style and would give constructive comments to help you get closer to your perfect wedding gown.



Stick With One Style

We tend to make certain assumptions about the type of gown and cutting we think will suit our body shape – more often than not, this ends up limiting our choices even before we try the gown on! Go with an open mind, let the boutique manager know what you are comfortable with and your concerns, but ultimately the surest way of knowing what works and what doesn’t, is to try the gown on! A-Line, Mermaid, Ballgowns, etc – try at least 1 of each and then eliminate from there to get closer to your ideal cutting. Do look at wedding gown guides too, to see which dress style and cut will look good on your body type. These are great tools to get you started when wedding dress shopping!


Trying On Dresses You Can’t Afford

Be completely upfront with the boutique or designer you are shopping with! Trying on dresses you can’t afford can lead to a very stressful, emotional shopping experience. Discussing a budget with the place you are shopping will keep you both on track, if they start showing you dresses out of your budget when you ask them not to - move on to another store.