5 ways for the groom to get involved in wedding planning

5 ways for the groom to get involved in wedding planning

While it is common for the groom to take a bit of a back seat in the wedding planning, the majority of brides want the groom to be more involved, though are unsure how to make this happen. Here are 5 ways a groom can contribute to the wedding planning.



  • Offer Your Opinion, Even If You Don’t Have One

When your bride goes gown shopping, remember she values your opinion. Keep an open mind as the bride tries on a number of different wedding gowns, especially at the beginning of the gown search. You can look to give constructive comments to help her get closer to her perfect wedding gown.


  • Use your talents to your advantage 

Recognise your strengths, where your skills lie and what you are good at. If you’re good at graphic design, you can either design the invitations from scratch, or take control of having them designed/made-up. If you’re a foodie, you can also liaise with the chef or caterers, choose the menu, tasting samples and so on.


  • Be the negotiator

You can help to source the suppliers for the flowers, wine, wedding gown and so on, asking for quotes and ultimately negotiating the best deal by seeing what kinds of "extras" you can manage to get.


  • Be the official peacemaker

Sometimes the bride and groom’s family are polar opposites and have different beliefs on what happens in a wedding. You can look to keep communication lines open between both families while ensuring that the squabbles that typically erupt during this tense time do not permanently damage relationships that were years in the making.


  • Be the unofficial tour guide for your out-of-town guests

You can create a list of sightseeing spots, restaurants and bars in your area that your guests can enjoy. You can even take a step farther and plan extracurricular activities your guests may opt-into such as providing additional shuttle service to several must-see tourist attractions before/after your wedding day.