Chinese Wedding Taboos

Chinese Wedding Taboos

Clueless about traditional chinese wedding taboos? Here, we list 10 major taboos that you might want to pay attention to.



1. Three months before and after the wedding, the couple should avoid going to a funeral or wake, another wedding, or visiting a woman that is about to give birth.


2. If one of the couple’s parents passes away before the wedding, the wedding must be conducted within 100 days or postponed for 3 years (1,000 days).


3. Couples should avoid holding wedding during the first lunar month to avoid clashing of luck with the new year. The third (Ching Ming Festival), seventh (commonly known as the Hungry Ghost Festival) and ninth (Tomb Sweeping Day) lunar months are commonly avoided due to the negative yin forces. The lunar sixth month is also avoided due to the belief of the sixth month being a half-year, and therefore implies a half-marriage.


4. If the bride’s home visit gifts include a whole roast pig, the ears, tail and other parts should all be in tact. Otherwise, this would imply that the bride is not a virgin.


5. The groom must not open the car door when he arrives to fetch his bride. He has to wait patiently for the bride's younger brother (or younger male relative) to open the bridal car door and pass him 2 oranges. In return, the groom will give this younger brother a red packet for opening the car door.


6. When the bride arrives at the groom's home, the groom's relatives should hide to avoid the couple until they enter their bridal room.


7. Once the bridal bed has been installed, it is preferred that no one sleeps or sits on it.


8. White, blue and green are mourning colours and should not be used for wedding bouquets, decorations or gifts.


9. An old superstition holds that if a woman is a bridesmaid for three times, she's destined to be an "old maid" and never get married herself.


10. All red packets given at wedding should contain even amounts due to the belief that even number is auspicious and odd number is inauspicious.