General Wedding Etiquette

General Wedding Etiquette

Regardless this is your first or nth time attending a friend or a relative's wedding, it is essential to know proper wedding guest etiquette. Here are the top Do's & Don’ts for every wedding guest to abide by.



DO RSVP promptly.

The couple will be making many decisions based on the number of people who are able to attend the wedding. The final head count will affect the number of seats needed, the number of favors to purchase as well as the number of meals the food caterer should prepare. If you are unable to attend the wedding after you have accepted the invitation, please do so as soon as possible.


DON'T take photographs during the ceremony.

Guests snapping pictures, whether with phones or cameras, can mar even the most beautiful of ceremonies. The couple has hired, and paid thousands of dollars, a professional wedding photographer to capture the important moments during the big day. If they miss a shot because you got in the way of the camera, then the moment is lost forever. Just relax and enjoy the occasion!


DO dress appropriately.

The dress code may be listed on the wedding invitation. If not, you may pick up cues from the event timing and venue. If you’re unsure about what’s appropriate, ask someone in the wedding party in the months leading up to the big day.


DON’T assume you have a plus one unless your invitation specifically states their name.

This includes your children or other relatives! The couple has planned the seating arrangement based number of seats needed. Do not spring a surprise on them!


DO mingle with other guests.

While you may be assigned to a specific table for dinner, you are welcomed to walk around the reception and chat with other guests during the evening.


DON'T get drunk.

While a wedding is a time to enjoy yourself, no one appreciates a drunk guest embarrassing themselves. Be respectful and remember, everything in moderation.