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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is your style?
A: We adopt a narrative style because we believe that the words shared on your wedding day make your wedding film a lot more personal, meaningful and engaging. We keep your wedding film as true to the day as possible to bring you back to that day as you watch and listen to it.

Q: How many hours of coverage is included in the videography package?
A: We do not charge by the number of hours but by a half or full-event basis. Our videographers will arrive at the bride’s place about one hour into her make-up or one hour before gatecrash. For the half-event option, the videographers will cover up to the end of the morning segment i.e. tea ceremony at the couple’s place. ROM coverage will only be extended to couples who are holding their ROM before their wedding lunch on the same day. For full-event option, the videographers will cover up to the end of all the wedding speeches.

Q: Do you provide photography services?
A: we are specialised in wedding videography so we do not provide photography services. However, we do have partnering photographers whom we can recommend to you.

Q: Can the team deliver express highlights for a wedding luncheon?
A: We work on a two-videographer system which allows us to produce express highlights even for wedding luncheons.

Q: Can I choose my videographers?
A: We use only in-house videographers who are equally well-equipped with the skills to attain a consistent standard of video production for you. As such, videographers are assigned based on the company’s rostering.

Q: How long are the videos?
A: The duration of the videos is highly dependent on the amount of content generated on the wedding day. As a general guide, express highlights are typically about 5 minutes long, while the full wedding films are about 10 minutes long.

Q: Will raw footage be provided?
A: No raw footage will be provided as all the key moments would already be included in the full wedding film.

Q: How long will it take to complete the final video?
A: The full wedding film will take about 4-6 months to complete to ensure that we have ample time to deliver quality work.

Q: How will the final video be delivered to us?
A: The express highlights and full wedding film will be placed in customised DVDs and DVD cover, and delivered to you via registered postage. The videos will also be uploaded onto cloud where you can download in full-resolution.