Compilation of Works

 Cinematography - Senior Principal

Cinematography - Principal

Cinematography - J.Principal

Cinematography - Associate

Photography - Senior Principal

Photography - Principal

Photography - - J.Principal


What is a Pre-Wedding Concept Filmlet?

Pre-Wedding Concept Filmlet is a production that consists only 3 Hours of Photography and Cinematography services, happening concurrently. With no extensive pre-production preparations, it is a spontaneous and impromptu shoot that reflects the casualness of both of your lives together.

Light hearted and heartfelt - Steven + Liwen
Light hearted - Zhihan + Suetyen
Hipster Crowd - Eddie + Serene
Mature Crowd - Adrian + Shiyun



Same-Day-Edit is a trailer edit which summarizes the events that happen in the morning half of the wedding day. It will be ready to be showcased on the day itself during the dinner banquet.

A Wedding Trailer is a summary highlight of the entire wedding day, only to be delivered after the wedding day.

Wedding Documentary is a compilation of what was captured over the entire wedding day, pieced together in a chronological manner. In this, the couple will be able to view the wedding vows, speeches and etc in entirety. This clip usually spans between 30 minutes to an hour long, depending on the day's events.


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