Channeling the vibes of New York City!

For those who remember, AndroidsinBoots did an amazing shoot with our gowns in New York a couple of years back, and we loved the street fashion photography style so much! Doesn’t matter if you can’t travel now, you can create the NYC vibes right here!

A-line, V plunge straps with an intricate illusion back detail and a long lace train.

Illusion back styles will always be our top pick for shoots as the details are just amazing in pictures!

And yes, we try to make the back interesting (as always) with an illusion vine-back detail! Peekaboo wrap skirt detail with soft tulle layers for a more feminine contrast to the sleek crepe look.

Spaghetti straps are always a hot favorite - paired with a half plunge neckline, this does wonders for elongating the torso and making the waist look extra small!

Zara also has a nude undertone which helps the laces to stand out especially in pictures!



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