COVID-19 updates for WCbrides

To our lovely WCbrides,

We understand that the past few weeks must have been super stressful for you guys, especially if your wedding date is in July/Aug and have been affected by the new rulings and measures taken in a bid to stem Covid-19.

To make things easier for everyone, we have come up with a standard policy in writing for those who need to, or wish to postpone their wedding date.


1. In the event that you and/or your partner are tested positive for Covid-19 OR the Government imposes a restriction on wedding solemnization/receptions from happening, we are allowing you the flexibility to postpone/change your wedding date. This is only applicable if your wedding falls within the period of such measures eg: Circuit Breaker or Phase 2/3 (Heightened Alert). For all affected brides, Kindly note that this will be a one-time change, to any date up to 1 year from the original wedding date.

2. This applies to pre-wedding dates as well.

3. However, postponement will be chargeable under restrictions like:
(1) a reduction in guest limit for wedding solemnization/reception
(2) PET is required for wedding events.

Should you wish to postpone the wedding under such restrictions, there will be a Postponement Fee of $250.

4. Should you choose to cancel the wedding entirely, there will be no refunds for any deposit paid, as per our usual T&Cs upon sign-up/payment.


1. Once you have a confirmed new wedding date, we will check if the gown that you have booked originally is available for this new date. If it is, we will update the system to reflect this – if it is not, you can let us know which other gown you prefer to book.

2. For final gown selection appointment, this will still be fixed at 2 months before the original wedding date. For e.g. if your original wedding date is on 1st Aug 2021, and you choose to postpone your wedding to March 2022, your final gown selection appointment will still be in June 2021.

3. As we understand that some of you might not be able to secure new dates that are nearer to your original wedding date, you might end up with a new date that is 9-12 months away instead. This will mean a bigger gap between your original final gown selection appointment and your new wedding date. Hence, after the final gown selection appointment, we will give all affected brides 1 more complimentary appointment (if the new date is more than 6 months away from your original date) that they can use to come in and see new gowns/change gown choice if they want, min. 2 months before the new wedding date.

4. Kindly note that any additional appointments made / change of gown choice after this 1 additional complimentary appointment, will be strictly chargeable at $150 per appointment / change of gown choice. If there’s a particular gown you would like to see at your last complimentary appointment, please let us know in advance so that we can check if the gown is in the studio during the appointment.

5. E.g. Bride Emma’s original wedding date is on 1st Aug 2021, and her new wedding date is on 1st Aug 2022, she has the original final gown choice appointment on June 2021. After this, between June 2021 and June 2022, she gets 1 more complimentary appointment to come in and see new gowns if she wants to change her gown choice. Bride Emma can decide when she wants to utilize this 1 complimentary appointment – she could use it using the Sept 2021 collection or the Jan 2022 collection if she wants, depending on whether she sees a gown she really likes. If she chooses to use the complimentary appointment in Sept 2021, but later decides again she wants to come in to view the Jan 2022 collection, she will be charged $150 for that appointment (payable when she makes the appointment online).

6. Size measurements, fittings and alterations will be as per normal – this will be arranged once your gown choice is final.


1. 25% of total package price will be collected during the original final gown selection appointment, and the remaining 25% will be paid during the collection of the gown before the new wedding date.


1. If your package signed is a Partner Package involving Photography / Make up, please check with them if they are able to make it for your new wedding date. If you need help on this, feel free to reach out to us as well and we are happy to help check if you need!

The above was thought out in discussion with our whole team, and we are trying our best to help our affected brides. Let’s all try to tide over this trying period, and on our end we will continue to keep our spirits up, and work hard on new gowns!

Stay safe and healthy everyone! And if you have any further questions about the above policy, please feel free to talk to us! In the meantime, if you already have your new pre-wedding/wedding date, please notify us of the change. Thank you!

With love,

Cheryl & Jason

(on behalf of the WC Team)

This above is dated 26 Oct 2021 and takes effect immediately. WeddingCrafters reserves the right to amend the above clauses if needed, if there are further changes to the rulings/measures in place.


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