10 Things To Do The Week Before Your Wedding

A quick checklist to make sure that you have everything in order before your big day!

It’s the final countdown to the most important day of your life! There must be a million and one things running through your head at this point, so here’s a quick checklist to make sure that you have everything in order!

4. If you need to pay your vendors e.g. make-up artists etc on the spot after their service, make sure you prepare their payment in advance and assign someone to handle the money and payment for you.

5. Confirm the reporting time for your photographer, make-up artists and other vendors beforehand and connect them to a key person so they can contact them upon reaching the venue.

6. If you have not done so, it’s time to write your vows! Dedicate some quiet time alone for this and be sure to print an extra copy! You can also save a soft copy in your phone just in case your hard copy goes missing on that day.

7. Pack an emergency beauty kit and pass this on to your bridesmaids to bring around on that day – this should include essentials such as lipstick, powder and blotting paper for touch up, some dry and wet tissues, breath mints, eyelash glue, safety pins and fashion tape.

8. Pack your overnight bag if you are staying the night at the hotel after your lunch / dinner party.

9. Bring a pair of flats or slippers for the times in between your photo shoots and the lunch/dinner party – your feet will be grateful for the break from those sky-high heels!

10. Ring or write your wedding venue beforehand to have a steam iron on standby, especially if you are planning to have a gown change for your second march in and will need to straighten your gown that might have creased on its way to the venue!



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