Get to know Amy, the founder of Amyt Fleur - creating lavish floral arrangements and unique floral bouquet designs!

Amyt Fleur

How long have you been a florist?

This is my 10th year as a florist but Amyt Fleur is my baby for 3 years.

What got you into this trade?

I was deciding between being a part-time ice-cream scooper or florist but decided on the latter as my late grandmother loved flowers

How do you approach floral design in general?

I’d love my arrangement to be as natural as possible because flowers aren’t meant to be too perfect and structured!

What is your favorite flower and season to work in?

I don’t have a favorite because I’m too spoilt for choice but I would say the most common flower that I love to work with is the Dutch Carnation because they are soooo underrated! They have a lot of really exotic NATURAL colors plus their petals shine under light if you look close enough!

What are your favorite tools of the trade?

CABLE TIES & CHICKEN WIRES - they hold everything up in place. When in doubt, whack the cable ties.

Your biggest floral design hack is …

Not really a hack but if you’d need to hang something on the wall in place, fishing line, 3M or blue tacks work wonders 😇

How Has COVID-19 Affected You as a Florist?

As a florist who specialises in micro weddings, the only thing that affected us is the postponement of weddings. On the contrary, we do see an increase in enquiries during this period with couples wanting MORE flowers (ie have more budget) to decorate the empty ballroom or venue so that their pics will look exceptional.



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